Raw Power: The Films of Terril Calder

On-Demand: September 23 to October 4
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In the realm of independent animation, Terril Calder has been an influential force since making her first stop motion films. Most of the work mentioned above has dealt with assorted myths/folk tales. A Drawing major graduate of the Fine Arts program at the University of Manitoba, Calder came to animation through Winnipeg’s Video Pool Media Arts Centre. “Animation,” says Calder, “held and holds so many possibilities to tell my stories and bring a different perspective to screen to make change. It really is the sum of all of my parts. Activism, Storytelling, Art, Painting, Sewing, Photography, Compositing…it completely challenges me in every way.” 

Calder’s work is raw, unstable and haunting, tackling a number of personal and difficult issues like identity (Choke, 2010, co-created with Michelle Latimer; Canned Meat, 2009; Vessel, 2013), memory, isolation, and the unspeakable horrors of residential schools (Snip, 2016; Keewaydah, 2017).


Canned Meat

Terril Calder | 28:00 | 2009

Terril Calder’s film Canned Meat serves up an animated tale of a rotting beauty queen who attempts to preserve her youthful image by sealing herself up in a Silverline Trailer.


Michelle Latimer | 05:35 | 2010

Upon leaving his First Nations reserve, Jimmy encounters the lost souls of the city and is reminded that no matter how far you travel, you cannot escape who you are.

Animated by Terril Calder and inspired by the late, First Nation’s artist Kyle Morriseau, Choke uses stop-motion animation to explore themes of urban isolation and the individual search for identity within modern society.

The Gift

Terril Calder | 02:00 | 2011

The Gift is an exploration of betrayal and deception wrapped in a cozy blanket infested with the small pox disease.


Terril Calder | 01:00 | 2013

Vessel explores the hollowness of vanity.


Terril Calder | 03:45 | 2013

Vibrations still resonate from the lands past. If you paid full attention you can hear the history underfoot. Toronto has always been a gathering place for the interchange of knowledge, experience and goods. It has a rich history of those traditions and remains to be rich because of those traditions. Repercussions is a portal that examines the link aboriginal people have to the lands history and resonates into a future that is strengthen by this acknowledgement.


Terril Calder | 04:51 | 2014

Transformation is a short animation that is featured in the film Traveling Medicine Show 3 directed by Amnon Buchbinder.


Terril Calder | 15:00 | 2016

SNIP examines the reclamation of history, literally ‘snipping’ it out of past colonial ideologies. Through the stories of Charlie and Niska, two children caught in the residential school system, and Gorden and Annie, two urban Anishinaabe, the film’s ever shifting gaze moves into an indigenous perspective.


Terril Calder | 09:34 | 2017

The moth’s powerful transformational gifts can bring us from one world to the next.