Threads: The Story of Mikrofilm Animation Part 2

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Founded over twenty years ago in Oslo, Norway, the animation studio, Mikrofilm is a group of filmmakers that create love-letters to the unique perspectives in each of their stories.  Whether it’s the frustrated titular character in Oscar-winning The Danish Poet, the tenacious runner in The Marathon Diaries, or the contemplative narrator in Oscar-nominated Me and My Moulton; each is treated with a playful sincerity that extends to, and embraces, the audience. It’s enthralling to watch one of their animated works; the worlds they create are dynamic, specific and not a single one of their beautiful frames are wasted (to a point where repeat viewings will reveal moments you may have missed- a kind of visual mischief that leaves the viewer in delight and awe).

-Matthew Corluka

Snill (Good Girl)

Astrid Aakra | 09:53 | 2006

Lussi is a well-behaved little girl. She is always quiet, clever, clean and pretty, Mommy’s darling and Daddy’s girl. Finally it becomes too much of a good thing, and Lussi refuses to behave.

Maratondagboken (The Marathon Diary)

Hanne Berkaak | 07:32 | 2015

The coldest Marathon on earth.

Always Last embarks on an adventurous marathon through the ice cold and mythic landscape of Lapland. But she soon discovers that the run is not going to be a straight line between start and finish.

Finally, it is not about winning or losing. The risk is losing yourself.

Verdens mellomste fisk (The World’s Middlest Fish)

Cathinka Tanberg | 11:00 | 2017

Ingeborg is a young girl who enjoys fishing. As always, she signs up for the annual fishing competition. And this year, Ingeborg happens to catch an unusually medium sized fish. As a matter of fact, she has caught The World’s Middlest Fish. Ingeborg and her fish become a huge media phenomenon. But what happens when the fish gains weight?

Du velger selv (It’s Up To You)

Kajsa Næss | 14:54 | 2013

“In kindergarten, everybody else’s dads are not in prison. That’s the problem.”

An animated documentary about growing up with a father in jail.

Tindra set fyr (Tindra’s Light)

Andreas Palelologos | 10:00 | 2016

Tindra is the lighthouse keeper’s daughter. One night, while her father is out fishing, the lighthouse goes out and a boat is heading straight towards the reef. Tindra tries to relight the lighthouse, but instead she sets it on fire. A thrilling animated short for children about a small girl taking on a big responsibility.

Morgenfugl og Murmeldyr på vinterferie (Morningbird and Murmelton on Winter Holiday)

Annette Saugestad Helland | 09:00 | 2014

It’s summer, but the rain is pouring down. Little Mathilde is bored. Had it been winter, it would be snowing instead. Mathilde loves skiing, and wants to go on winter holiday right away. Luckily she has two imaginary friends! Morningbird and Murmelton are tiny enough to go on winter holiday in the freezer. It turns into quite an adventure.

Tråder (Threads)

Torill Kove | 08:00 | 2017

In a universe where people are seeking connections with others, a woman and a small child are brought together as mother and daughter. Inside the bubble of the mother’s protection, the child learns about love and trust, and ultimately how to form her own attachments.