Unseen Forces: A Spotlight on Emily Pelstring

On-Demand:  September 23 to October 4
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Science has conquered many of the more obvious mysteries of our world; mysteries like gravity and light waves and how sound works. What, though, about the invisible mysteries that remain unsolved and unquantified; those in the realm of the paranormal, for example? 

Who better to examine these paranormal mysteries than someone who’s a little bit imagineer, a little bit tinkerer, a little bit artist, a little bit academic and a lot bit magician; and by ‘magician’ I mean both the fairy tale kind who have powers and tall hats, and the real kind who are masters of illusion, distraction and suspendable glass boxes á la David Blaine’s 44 magical days above London. #neverforget

Peek behind the earthly veil and lose yourself in the films of multi-talented artist, performer and glow-master, Emily Pelstring. 

– Keltie Duncan

Head Cleaner

Emily Pelstring | 07:00 | 2015


Distorted voices offer an expressionistic tour of the inside of a dirty VCR. 

Witch’s Work

Emily Pelstring | 06:54 | 2018


Tales of birth and death brought to you by the divining eye of the Graeae.

Medusa’s Body

Emily Pelstring, Be Heintzman Hope, Jessica Mensch & Katherine Kline | 13:52 | 2019


Medusa inhabits a cave.  

Somnium Lapidum

Emily Pelstring | 03:19 | 2017


Various methods for harnessing the power of gems.

Sound by Katherine Kline.

Insect Express

Emily Pelstring | 03:25 | 2015


Insect flight patterns and modes of industrial travel merge as collective rituals. Official music video for Gryphon Rue.

Oh No

Emily Pelstring | 02:50 | 2016


Things emerge from the ground, hold on, break off, and float away. Official music video for Jack and Eliza.

Navy and Cream

Emily Pelstring | 04:18 | 2015


A home to which there is no return; a place that no longer exists, yet continues to haunt.

Official music video for U.S. Girls.


Emily Pelstring | 03:55 | 2012


Handmade pixel patterns deliver messages from a child’s play session. Music by Julia Holter.

Skeleton Dance

Emily Pelstring | 02:11 | 2010


A skeleton makes a pair of pants. Music by DVA Damas.

Hoshi Neko

Emily Pelstring & Ruby Kato Attwood | 04:39 | 2012


A koi and a pug chase a lost cat through the cosmos.

Official music video for Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.

Wild Love

Emily Pelstring | 01:43 | 2010


Retro-erotic, psychedelic dance film.

Official music video for The Pink Noise.

Lac de plumes

Emily Pelstring | 04:10 | 2016


A woman meets her dream snake as she waits for a phone call. Official music video for IDALG.


Emily Pelstring | 01:12 | 2008


The filmmaker learns the choreography of the hysterical attack, as documented in the late 1800s.