An Almost Incredible Story

An Almost Incredible Story: Celebrating Elbert Tuganov @ 100


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In 1957, Elbert Tuganov produced the first Estonian puppet film Little Peter’s Dream. By his retirement in 1982, he had made 38 internationally acclaimed puppet films including a unique stereoscopic puppet film, Souvenir (1977). He laid the foundation for the now 64-year-old Nukufilm Studio in Estonia. As a missionary of animation, he wrote animation books and conducted workshops.

For the modern viewer, watching Tuganov’s films is a call to change established attitudes. Among his 38 films are films that were shelved because of their intrinsic nature, such as An Almost Incredible Story (1962) and That’s it! (1963). Tuganov seemed to be critical of capitalism, but in fact, some of his films were actually condemning the ruling Soviet system. Human values simply do not tolerate stupidity, regardless of social order and ideology. Atom-Boy and Atom-Boy and the Thugs (1970) are worth re-watching because they can provide an impetus for understanding our seemingly chaotic world of today.

Mait Lass & Hendrik Alla

Põhjakonn (The Monster from The North)

Elbert Tuganov | 20:00 | 1959

A brave young man goes in search of a magic ring to defeat a monstrous beast and save his people.

Peaaegu uskumatu lugu (An Almost Incredible Story)

Elbert Tuganov | 9:00 | 1962

When his employees go on strike, the factory owner finds a creative solution to replace his workers. But the owner will soon discover his greed has unexpected costs.

Hiirejaht (Mousehunt)

Elbert Tuganov | 10:00 | 1965

Some cats go hunting for a group of mice, who stay hidden until their pursuers fall asleep. Once night falls, the mice will make their move.

Aatomik ja Jõmmid (Atomic Boy and the Thugs)

Elbert Tuganov | 10:00 | 1970

A warlord steals the Atomic Boy so he can use the boy’s energy to boost his military power. Can the Scientist and his robot dog rescue the Atomic Boy in time?

Verine John (Bloody John)

Elbert Tuganov | 15:00 | 1974

Juhan Peegel’s literary parody of the robber life of an infamous pirate captain, Bloody John. After years of causing murder and mayhem, Bloody John’s love life will prove to be his downfall.