Virtual Volunteering at OIAF 2020

The OIAF is entirely online this year, but we still require volunteer support. During the Festival, thousands of people will be attending virtual OIAF, which includes multiple platforms. Attendees enter through our website, into the OIAF Virtual Experience for events and networking, and screenings are hosted on Eventive. These platforms will be new to many people, so they will have questions, and, of course, you never know when there will be technical difficulties.

Tech Support Volunteer

We will need a team of trustworthy and tech-savvy volunteers available to provide (remote) tech support every day of the Festival from 10am EDT to 10pm EDT (in 4-hour shifts). These volunteers will be the first line of support to OIAF attendees, answering questions and helping troubleshoot through the live text chat. They must be friendly and great at problem solving.

Tech Support Volunteer Requirements:

  • Above-average computer competence
  • User knowledge of Eventive, Zoom, any other live streaming experience
  • Great customer service personality
  • Great written communication skills
  • Written language skills in French (and other languages) are a valuable asset
  • Access to a reliable high-speed internet connection and a reliable, fast computer

To apply to the Tech Support Volunteer position, email Festival Administrator, Tish Chambers, at tish@animationfestival.ca and include your resume of relevant experience, a brief cover letter, and your availability during the Festival (10am-10pm, Sept. 23-Oct. 4). Selected applicants will be asked to meet (via Google Meet) for a brief interview. Selected volunteers will receive an OIAF AnimaPass and an OIAF 2020 tote bag!


Live Events Monitor Volunteer

We will also need some eager animation-loving volunteers to help us test and monitor live events. Even with all the staff running the live events, it will help us to have an attendee perspective giving us feedback on any issues with the live feeds, to monitor live chats and hang-outs for attendee behavior, and to grab some screen captures of our Virtual Festival. Shifts will be scheduled during our live streams and we will also schedule some shifts before the Festival to have volunteers “test drive” every part of the OIAF Virtual Experience. These volunteers are tech-savvy, but not necessarily experts, and are able to participate in the Festival while also paying attention to the chats and watching for tech issues.

Live Events Monitor Volunteer Requirements:

  • Basic computer competence
  • A keen eye for details
  • Able to multitask (ie. watch a screening and monitor the chat)
  • Access to a reliable high-speed internet connection and a reliable, fast computer

To apply to be a Live Events Monitor Volunteer, fill out this form. Selected volunteers will be contacted with their scheduled shifts and they will receive an OIAF AnimaPass.