TAC Networking

Networking at TAC

TAC is a unique hub where you can meet content creators, key buyers and potential partners from around the world.


Jam Filled TAC Meet-Ups

Wednesday, Sept 23 – Friday, September 25, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm (EDT)

TAC Meet Ups offer an opportunity to connect with your peers on pressing issues facing the industry. Hosted by Jam Filled, these themed gatherings will allow for lively discussion and network building. Join the conversation after a day of pitching and industry talks for fresh topics and new connections.

Hosts: Jamie LeClaire (Wednesday), Rob Anderson (Thursday), Phile Lafrance (Friday)

(Private links shared with all TAC pass holders via email.)



Toon Boom BOAT CRUISE Happy Hour

Wednesday, September 23, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (EDT)


Let’s cruise into TAC with the Toon Boom Happy Hour! Join us on Opening Night for cocktails & conversation over Zoom. Two Ottawa-based mixologists will lead the workshops.

  • Jovan Morales will be making a Hot Toddy and a Whiskey Sour along with a non-alcoholic version.  What you need for Jovan’s workshop: Whiskey / Honey / Sugar / Water / Lemon / Egg / Tea / Bitters / Soda
  • Amie Lindley of the Oz Kafe will be making their famous Roto. Since we can’t go to Oz this year on opening night, we’re bringing Oz to you!  You will need:
    • Roto: vodka / espresso / kahlua / chocolate bitters (optional)
    • Side Car: cognac / triple sec or grand marnier / fresh lemon juice
    • Mocktail: fresh lemon or lime juice / fresh raspberries/ juice of your choice, ginger ale

Those who’d prefer to hang out in an unstructured space can gather in another virtual room for freestyle entertainment.

Get fully into the TAC spirit with one of these virtual backgrounds from Toon Boom Here. 

(Private links shared with all TAC pass holders via email.)


OIAF Hangouts

September 23 – October 2 (excluding October 1st), 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (EDT)

We’re turning on our webcams and recreating the energy and excitement of the in-person festival by introducing online OIAF Hang-Outs! Pop in to hang out with some Festival regulars for an hour of OIAF shenanigans through the OIAF Virtual Platform before the Gala screenings and Award Ceremony go live.

  • Wed, Sept 23: Peter Millard, Chris Robinson, Dana Sink
  • Thurs, Sept 24: Christy Karacas, Richard O’Connor, David OReilly
  • Fri, Sept 25: Eva Cvijanović, Maral Mohammadian, Jelena Popovic
  • Sat, Sept 26: Toon Boom Collaboratory (info below)
  • Sun, Sept 27: Tim Finn, Joel Frenzer, Pilar Newton
  • Mon, Sept 28: Brooke Keesling, Ramin Zahed
  • Tues, Sept 29: Archita Ghosh, Emily Paige
  • Wed, Sept 30:Chintis Lundgren & Draško Ivezić
  • Fri, Oct 2: OIAF Crew – Ask Us Anything


OIAF Hangout: Toon Boom COLLABORATORY edition

Saturday, September 26, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm (EDT)

COLLABORATORY is a live show hosted by Toon Boom on a monthly basis on Twitch where we respond to prompts from the virtual audience. Our mission is: To work together to create something outrageous and learn about storyboarding along the way. For OIAF Toon Boom is bringing Collaboratory and Mike Morris* to the virtual event to design a storyboard live with all our animation friends who are in attendance. Come join us for some online storyboarding fun!

*Mike Morris is a Director and Story Artist for animation with a career spanning over 14 years. Mike has lent his talents to television animation for the majority of his career working on shows such as The Simpsons, and Disney’s Ducktales (2017), and is currently directing at Bento Box Entertainment for a forthcoming show for Fox. He is also a super fun guy – you won’t want to miss Collaboratory at OIAF!

The Artist Gallery

For Passholders Only

The Artist Gallery is an opportunity for OIAF participants to showcase their work to studios and recruiters in attendance. To be considered for inclusion in the Artist Gallery, you must submit a link to your work (portfolio/reel/gallery) when you buy your pass.

This program is for emerging (college students, recent graduates) and established animation talent interested in getting their work seen by future employers or collaborators. If you are accepted, you will receive a form from the OIAF asking you for additional details needed to complete your profile.