La mer à boire (The Sea is Too Much to Drink)

Charlotte Arene | 1:53 | 2019 | France | Non-Narrative


« La mer à boire » is a french idiom that translates as « drinking the sea ». It means, a task too great to undertake, or asking too much of someone. I had some trouble with the sea that year.

Charlotte Arene

Charlotte Arene

Charlotte Arene was born in 1992. She studied illustration at Ecole Estienne and animation at ENSAD, Paris. She graduated in 2016.

Her practice of animation soon led her to collaborate with researchers, physicists and documentary filmmakers.

The majority of her work mixes documentary with animation, and always tries to make abstract and complex concepts look fun and intuitive.

She has been working with the Physics Reimagined team on a regular basis since 2014; their collaboration has resulted in three films and several awards.