The Drill

Richard O’Connor | 2:46 | 2020 | USA


“I’m a mother. And I don’t know what to say.”

As active shooter drills become integrated into schools across the country, students must grapple with the threat of school shootings. This is the case for ten-year-old Dezmond Floyd, who has an open discussion with his mother Tanai about what happens in his fifth grade class during his school’s active shooter drills. Dezmond explains step-by-step what his class has been taught to do during an active shooter situation.


Richard O'Connor

Richard O'Connor

Director and producer Richard O’Connor produces animation for documentary films, commercials, theatrical pieces, and original short films through his studio Ace & Son Moving Picture Co. Their work has appeared in documentaries on PBS series like American Masters and American Experience and in the recent, critically-acclaimed animated documentary N UTS! . Richard began his career in animation at the Ink Tank working under R. O. Blechman, who, in turn, first worked under John Hubley. He brings this tradition—grounded in the duel drives of experimentation and craftsmanship—to all his work.