Anton Setola | 4:00 | 2019 | Belgium, Ireland, Norway


Right in the middle of a very busy city, there is a peaceful place. It’s a cosy park, closed off and forgotten, a true oasis. This is where you will find Ollie, the little blue owl and his friends – a small stork, a young frog and five little birds. Together they all have lots of adventures. If you want to meet them, you are very welcome there – if you can find it.

Anton Setola

Anton Setola

Anton Setola studied traditional animation at KASK in Ghent, Belgium. He worked as a 3D and 2D character animator on short films, series, feature film and commercials in a professional environment, as well as making personal animated shorts. Most notably ‘JAZZED’, that was nominated for The Annecy Cristal, and selected amongst many other festivals.