Júlia Lerch | 5:19 | 2020 | Hungary


Short film that demonstrates what we are still controlled by our physiological needs. Our most important internal motivation remains to satisfy our needs. In four episodes that are interconnected but distinct from each other, the question was what would happen if our needs were changed, shifted in time, able to adjust to our agenda, or if we could influence them. To illustrate this phenomenon the work is not using human bodies or anthropomorphic shapes, rather amorphous shapes that are changing in their own material. The idea supported by a strong visual environment as the film is made in 3D, materials, textures, spatial layouts, but even the laws of physics are different from reality.

Júlia Lerch

Júlia Lerch

Júlia Lerch is a Hungarian multimedia artist. She studied media design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. After receiving her BA diploma in 2016, she continued her studies at the master programme of media design at the same university. Her graduation short film is NEEDS, which was her first animation film.