Mother Figure

Chia Tse Chang | 14:23 | 2020 | Taiwan


Drawing from a close friend’s childhood memories and his struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mother Figure is centred on a man and his toxic relationship with his mother growing up.

The animation begins with the protagonist whipping out his radio from childhood. As he presses the play button on the radio, mellow music starts to fill the room. A familiar whirring sound starts to envelope the protagonist as well, whisking him back in time.

As childhood memories begin to flood back, recollections of Mother start to creep up on the protagonist as well. An overbearing Mother dictates his living space to nothing beyond a red box, while the earnest protagonist yearns for nothing but Mother’s love. Tragedy strikes when the protagonist goes out of bounds and messes with Mother’s lipstick one day…
Trailer: Vimeo

Chia Tse Chang

Chia Tse Chang

HI I’m CHANG, CHIA-TSE, After graduating from Chaoyang University of Science and Technology in 2015, I went to Tainan Guantian to continue my independent animation learning and creation, and I graduated from Tainan National University of Arts in 2020.
For a long time, I have been trying to cut into the issues around life from different perspectives, trying to find subtle and hidden phenomena and magnify them, using brushes to express and interpret the diversity between people.

The films are all based on hand-drawn animations, drawing on the traditional hand-painting experience of colleges and universities. I handle the interrelationships of hand-painted textures in computer drawings from a more sophisticated perspective. I’m good at capturing various brushes and letting existing images and colors. Blocks are stripped from their original place, forming intertwined thoughts.

At the graduate school, I was deeply inspired by directors such as Yang De chang, Hou Xiao xian, Xiao Ya quan, and Chen Zhe yi. I received introverted inspiration from the new wave of Taiwanese movies. Therefore, my films often use observation and interviews as a blueprint to return the subject to my personal life experience. And respond to and connect the state and cognition between the masses and individuals in contemporary society.