Mor visste ingenting (Mother Didn’t Know)

Anita Killi | 11:17 | 2020 | Norway | Narrative


Attempting to escape her realty, a desperate girl climbs down into a deep dark silo. She finds solace in an injured bird. In an intense but quietly told story, we see the struggle of a depressed young girl.

We don’t always see what’s going on in mind of our children. A small thing can be enough to give them new energy to continue their lives.

Anita Killi

Anita Killi

Anita Killi studied illustration and graphic design at the Norwegian National College of Art & Design from 1988 to 1990, followed by studies in animation and documentary filmmaking at the Volda University College. In 1996, Anita graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts with the equivalent of a masters-degree, majoring in animation (multiplane technique). Since then, Anita established and runs her own animation studio, Trollfilm AS in Dovre, Norway. Anita is known for directing several award winning short films, among others Sinna Mann / Angry Man (2009) and Tornehekken / The Hedge of Thorns (2001). She just finished her new short film Mor visste ingenting / Mother Didn’t Know.