Fuwa Fuwa Hour: PuiPui & MuuMuu ‘Fushigi na Tane’ (Fluffy Hour: PuiPui & MuuMuu ‘Mysterious Seed’)

Hiroyuki Mizoguchi | 5:00 | 2019 | Japan


The story of the fairy PuiPui and MuuMuu living in a fluffy forest. They are a part of the forest and the forest is them. A fun time of the creatures living in a fluffy forest let the forest grow. One day they find a mysterious seed in the forest.

Hiroyuki Mizoguchi

Hiroyuki Mizoguchi

Born in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture in 1980

Graduated from Japan Institute of the Moving Image in 2000

Participated in the establishment of studio placebo in 2007

Working as a stop motion or 2D animator of Japanese television commercials and programs