Kawo Sushijojo | 8:07 | 2019 | Taiwan, Macao | Non-Narrative


Acid. If you dream of chemicals or substances this dream suggests that emotion is important in your life. Acid is corrosive, therefore this indicates that you have a close relationship that may be destroyed. Another meaning of this dream is that you feel a situation is slowly eating you away.
– Definition of Acid Dream, Dream Dictionary

“I have this dream about driving an uncontrollable vehicle for three and a half years. Each time it changes a little, I want to capture these emotions, in order to read the message behind it.”

Kawo Sushijojo

Kawo Sushijojo

Kawo a.k.a Sushijojo is a storyteller that communicates his concept through multiple art forms, such as animation, illustration, music and installation. He graduated from SVA in 2015 with a major in Computer Arts. His short film Soul Walker was selected by Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2016. Ever since, he has been devoting his time to sharing his art worldwide by participating in art festivals, including Japan Fuji Mt. Art biennale, Taipei Free Art Fair, Macao City Fringe Art Festival, Kaohsiung’s On the Road residency program and Ukraine LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival. He has recently been invited to be part of Japan Kawane Honcho 2021 festival, collaborates with Osaka’s Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation.