Catch of the Day

Gillian Xu, Perrin Lew, Dawn Niu, Jolie Wu, Judy Gao, Michael Reid, Brennan Wong, Oleg Kuznetsov, Kelly Hui Hidalgo, Vandie Bearss & JaYoung Min | 4:54 | 2020 | Sheridan College


An uptight robot starts his daily routine of cutting and sorting fish. However, a pesky cat manages to sneak into his facility and steal a filet. Annoyed, the robot is unwilling to let a single filet leave his possession and relentlessly attempts to get it back. Chaos ensues.

Roboholic Productions

Roboholic Productions

Roboholic Productions, a group of 3rd year Animation students at Sheridan College coming together to create a short and playful 3D film.