Camp Saint Helene ‘Protector’

Benjamin Clement | 3:40 | 2020 | USA | Commissioned


Protector is a music video created for the band Camp Saint Helene. Their nostalgic sound, reminiscent of 60s psychedelic rock, flows suitably with experimental visuals and analog style of animation. Common throughout the 60s and 70s, this process of animation is a form of non-camera filmmaking. Methods of direct animation are combined with digital animation and screen printing to synthesize something that is both analog and digital. The process involves creating an animation and screen printing it onto strips of 16mm film which are then spliced together and projected.

Benjamin Clement

Benjamin Clement

Ben Clement is a New York based printmaker and animator who explores ties between the screen printing process and direct animation. As an undergraduate, Clement studied illustration and film with a focus in printmaking and animation. The intersection of his studies led him to create a world of direct animation that utilizes the screen printing process in a different way. He spends most of his artistic practice creating abstract visuals and music videos using this method of animation.