Bárbara Cerro | 1:04 | 2019 | Argentina | Commissioned


On the Moon, women have fun while they wait to be illuminated by the sun. They play volleyball with Neil Armstrong’s astronaut helmet, they masturbate in the darkness of the cosmos, and constellations are tattooed on their backs. Sunlight begins to seep and the white surface lights up increasingly. Women come together and enjoy this solar bath. A beam of light shines on the bed where a girl sleeps, on Earth. The light disturbs her dreams; the unveiled girl looks through the window and discovers the full moon shining on her head.

Bárbara Cerro

Bárbara Cerro

Bárbara is an Argentinian independent filmmaker and an animation director, raised and based in Buenos Aires. Her alma mater is UBA, she graduated as an Image and Sound Designer. She studied Directing at Universidad del Cine and Documentary Filmmaking at UBA, in Buenos Aires. She co-directed the series ‘Gorda’, ‘Los Inadaptables’, and directed ‘Bit Bang Tv’, ‘Artemis’ and advertising at different studios. Bárbara was also part of several audiovisual projects in the directing, animation and color grading departments. Currently, she is developing an animated short film, ‘Todos los futuros’, and an animated show. Bárbara is the director and founder of the Bit Bang Animation, Video Games and Digital Art Festival in Buenos Aires. She has also been the artistic director and programmer in different festivals around the world.