2.3 x 2.6 x 3.2

Jiaqi Wang | 3:47 | 2019 | UK | Student


This project is based on the Welcome Collection Museum. A filmmaker needs to choose an object from the museum and make a film based on it. Kareau is a wooden figure from the Nicobar Islands. It was set up, put outside a sick person’s house to scare and drive away from the bad spirits thought to be causing the disease. This film is for my aunt, she had breast cancer last year.

I’m trying to discuss the certainty of hope (Kareau) and uncertainty of disease (Cancer) in this film. Without the support of belief, what is the percentage of faith for people?
Trailer: Vimeo

Jiaqi Want

Jiaqi Want

2014 – 2018 BFA Digital Media, Central Academy of Fine Arts

2018 – 2020 MA Animation, Royal College of Art